WSS – About Us

(Windhoek Show Society)

Windhoek Show Society (WSS) is an Association not for gain, which owns the Windhoek Show Grounds.  These grounds were obtained from the Windhoek Municipality in 1954 and duly registered in the name of the WSS with the sole purpose of initially hosting annual livestock shows driven predominantly by the cattle farming sector.   The fresh produce of livestock farming became an integral component of these events and systematically the broader suppliers of goods and services to the agricultural sector also joined these annual shows.  The systematic development of the 26 hectare area has and is being accomplished according to a City Council approved development Master Plan, and comprises two main sections – 

Firstly, an area comprising the biggest portion (approx 70%) to conduct the WSS’s core business, namely, the holding, hosting, facilitating of shows, trade fairs, expos and such related business, as well as events that encourage social integration – cultural, educational, sport, informal commercial, SME markets, etc. 

The largest event resorting under the WSS’s core business is the annual WINDHOEK INDUSTRIAL AND AGRICULTURAL SHOW.

Secondly, the remaining area, specially rezoned for the development of approved ShowProp Projects, based on 50 year lease agreements, have culminated in the following development outcomes:

i – The Maerua Lifestyle Complex

ii – The BellPark Industrial Complex

iii – The AGRA Auction Ring

iv – The Auas City Hotel

The WSS is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance to its Constitution and reports annually to its members at the AGM.  The major items on the AGM agenda are:

a) The President’s Report – Presented by the President (Chairman of the Board of Directors) covering the operational activities of the financial calendar year.

b) The acceptance of the financial statements as compiled by a reputable and independent auditing firm.

c) When required, to approve policy amendments.

Apart from the annual Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show – refer to menu – the show grounds host a myriad of other EVENTS.

WSS – Other Events

(Windhoek Show Society)

The Windhoek Show Grounds are ideal to host:

  • All show / exhibition related events
  • Product or Service Launches / Promotions
  • Training Sessions
  • Exam writing localities
  • Team Building Events
  • Business functions
  • Outdoor activities – two grassed arenas
  • Specialized day / evening markets


The WSS provides the following services related to events held on the show grounds at an agreed fee:

  • Wifi Hotspot network (optional)
  • Surveillance / Security Camera network (optional)
  • Cleaning services (compulsory)
  • Security services (compulsory)
  • Gate Cashiers (optional)
  • Exhibition Shell Scheme (Octanorm) plus carpeting (compulsory)
  • Exhibition Stand lighting (only LED lights) (optional)
  • Outdoor Spotlights (only LED lights) (optional)
  • Guarded Parking (optional)
  • Customized Access Control Cards (optional)
  • PA system (optional)
  • Ablution Block(s) plus cleaning service (compulsory)

Board of Directors

Mr. Vilbard Usiku
Mr. Vilbard UsikuPresident / Chairman
Mr. Piet Potgieter
Mr. Piet PotgieterDirector
Mrs. Martha Hitenanye
Mrs. Martha HitenanyeBoard member
Mr. Harald Schmidt
Mr. Harald SchmidtVice-President / Managing Director
Mr. Sigi Losch
Mr. Sigi LoschDirector
Mrs. Berlindi Van Eck
Mrs. Berlindi Van EckDirector
Mrs. Linea Shaetonhodi
Mrs. Linea ShaetonhodiDirector
Mr. Dennis Koch
Mr. Dennis KochDirector

Office and ground staff

Mr. Harald Schmidt
Mr. Harald SchmidtVice-President / Managing Director
Jordan Hamatha
Jordan HamathaManager: Maintenance
Donovan Awaseb
Donovan Awaseb Supervisor: Events Bookings
Loide Armas
Loide ArmasGeneral Manager: Office
Ben Gabriel
Ben GabrielGeneral Manager: Grounds
Hennie Kruger
Hennie KrugerGeneral Manager: Livestock
Celia Nehale
Celia NehaleManager: Shell Scheme
President’s Report 2016
“Together we can achieve that which no one can achieve alone”
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